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Great teams don’t just happen by chance.

Building a team that meets your needs, the needs of your customers, and embodies your company values takes commitment, selective assimilation and continual development.

We’re very proud to have assembled one of the most dynamic, professional and dedicated teams anyone could wish for.

Our team’s varied backgrounds, ages and experiences are one of its main strengths. Every single one of them embodies our values, and helps us to deliver on our promise to you. You will notice many of the same Max Ski reps in resort time and time again which doesn’t always happen with other ski tour operators. The majority of our representatives have other incredible professional careers outside the ski industry; but during the winter season, help us coordinate and deliver the ultimate snow sports experience.

It’s true. We really do love what we do.

In the office 

John Bedford

John started Max Ski back in 2001, after spending a number of years working for Bradford Council as Community Sports Officer. Part of that role involved organising ski trips, and it wasn’t long before John realised he could blaze his own trail and set up on his own.

John’s philosophy is always to try and work with you, as the Trip Leader to give you and your students the best experience. Building and maintaining a successful personal and working relationship is a key part of that process, both with you and our partners in all of our various resorts.

Tom Bedford

Tom joined John into the ranks of Max Ski in 2011, and with his technical expertise and background in Graphic Design & logisitics, soon began opening up new avenues of business and bringing a new awareness of Max Ski through innovative use of technology and refreshing marketing campaigns.

Sarajane Corani

Sarajane (SJ) joined the team in 2015, directly from teaching and with invaluable ‘hands on’ experience of running her own ski-trips, writing policy documents and risk assessments. She is also a former Sandhurst trained Army Officer, with a breadth of experience of planning and running large logistical and manpower operations under various pressures, and across various countries.

Michael McCartney

Michael is the most recent addition to the full time team, having originally caught our eye when he came on one of our ski trips with his school. Michael had been working part-time whilst doing his exams, and saved every penny so he could attend a Ski Instructor Course in Canada. He successfully completed his CSA Level 2 in Banff in 2017 and came to us shortly after that.