How to Survive a Long Coach Journey

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A ski trip is very exciting. A long coach journey to get to your ski destination, arguably less so.

Your comfort and enjoyment of the trip can be significantly improved with a little forethought and personal organisation. Here are just some of our recommendations to help you survive the long trip. It will all be worth it when you get there (trust us).

Bring plenty of food and drink

Let’s face it, there’s no better way to pass the time than by eating. However, try to avoid too many sugary, unhealthy snacks which will cause sugar spikes and lows, or anything too salty which will just serve to make you thirsty. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of food items which can easily melt (there’s nothing worse than opening your bag to find melted chocolate coated to all your valuables), or make huge amounts of mess when eaten. Most importantly of all, bring plenty of water in order to keep hydrated; we suggest bringing multi-packs on the coach.  Avoid all energy and sugary drinks; most coach drivers will not allow you to bring them on the coach anyway, as they are sticky, smelly and difficult to clean if spilt.

Dress comfortably

The coach journey isn’t a fashion show; the priority for the journey is comfort. Avoid tight jeans and uncomfortable underwear!  You can’t go wrong with a pair of loose jogging bottoms or leggings, a simple t-shirt and then your ski trip hoodie (if your school has provided them)

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Take something warm with you

It is a good idea to keep a jumper, scarf or even a travel blanket in your hand luggage (warm socks are a win too). Even if it’s not cold when you set off, you can be sure that when it gets dark, the temperature will drop, especially if the coach has aircon. You can always take layers off! Even if you don’t get cold, you can always double up your jumper as a pillow or head rest.

Bring plenty of entertainment

As you will be sat down for such a long time, you will need to bring plenty of entertainment. That may involve bringing suitable DVD’s (bearing in mind the ages of all passengers on the coach), which can be watched using the in-house coach entertainment suite, or your own tablet/phone (if you have one). If you have a power pack for your electronic items, then be sure to bring it with you, fully-charged, for when your battery life runs out (which it will!). Games such as cards, Hot Seat, I Spy and Who Am I? might be a good idea to have up your sleeve to break up the monotony. A good old fashioned book or magazine/comic are a great solitary activity; but be sure to bring your earplugs or headphones if you want to block out everything else around you.  If you get travel sick however, it is a good idea to avoid this last activity; sitting near the front and/or anti-travel sickness pills/wristbands etc are the way to go if know you know you get affected when you travel.

Try and get some shut eye

Everyone is going to be excited, it’s inevitable. At some point however, all the sugar/energy and the adrenaline are going to wear off and pretty soon, the coach will soon be filled with the sound of gentle snores. It’s key that you get some rest where you can; you’ll need and want your energy for the rest of the week for all the skiing you’ll be doing! We recommend bringing some sort of pillow, earphones or earplugs and maybe even an eye mask if you’re a light sleeper.

  • Pack a wireless charger, it will help hugely with your TV binge on your tablet/ phone, or if you need to get in touch with anyone.

  • Plan for travel sickness. If you know you are prone to travel sickness, bring the necessary medication/herbal aids/wristbands etc and seat yourself accordingly on the bus. Make those around you aware that you are prone to travel sickness, and notify someone if you feel the need to stop as soon as you feel unwell.

  • Personal speakers. You may have decided to bring these to use in your room whilst you are away, which is a great idea. However, use them sparingly on the bus, and at a respectful volume. Not everyone may like the same music as you, never mind the volume and some people may be trying to sleep

  • Every time you stop, be sure to go to the loo and freshen up. Pack your wash kit, spare underwear/clothes and some deodorant. Taking the time to have a quick wash will make the world of difference to how you feel.

  • Keep your seating area clean and free of rubbish. Everytime there is an opportunity to get rid of the nearby carnage, then take it. You will feel better as a result, and you will definitely be more comfortable.

  • The law requires you to wear a seatbelt. Keep it on at all times when travelling and don’t try to sneak it off when you think no-one’s looking. Be responsible. It’s just not worth it.

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